Measuring For The Perfect Fit

Meet with the milliner

My favorite thing about crafting made to order one-of-a-kind hats: meeting the customer! If you live in, or are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, please contact the milliner to arrange a measurement appointment. Request an appointment and find easy ways to get in touch!

Live beyond the bay? Use our guidelines to ensure a perfect fit.

Measurement guidelines

A few basics! You will need a cloth tape measure, paper, pencil and a friend. Taking an accurate measurement is best done with another person to ensure accuracy. I am able to work with measurements in inches or centimeters.

A word of caution here: please do not send me just a hat size (e.g. 6 ¾, 7 ½). Hat sizing varies from company to company, and U.S. sizing differs from U.K. and E.U. sizing. Therefore, to ensure your hat fits your head, please follow these instructions:

Measure your head circumference where you like to wear your hat. I recommend measuring the widest part of your head, generally the middle of your forehead, approximately ¼” to ½” (.63 cm to 1.27 cm) above your ears. Be careful not to pull the tape measure too tight or your hat will fit just as snug. Measure exactly how you like wearing your hat. Your measurement to the nearest ⅛” (.3175 cm) is appreciated.
Measure at the angle you like to wear hats

Additional measurement advice

  • Do not put a length of string or yarn around your head and then measure it with a ruler as string or yarn can stretch leading to inaccurate measurement.
  • Do not try to measure the inside of a hat. It’s much easier and accurate to measure your head, preferably with assistance. On the other hand, I strongly encourage customers to bring a favorite hat to a measurement appointment so I can capture the measurement with proper tools.
  • A good fit is whatever feels right to you and is entirely a matter of personal preference. There is no such thing as a standard, correct fit. A tighter fitting hat stays on better for active people, windy settings, and those who prefer wearing a hat perching high on the head . A looser-fitting hat is more comfortable, sits lower on the head, and is best if you plan to wear the hat for extended periods of time.
Hat Size Guidelines